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  1. Hi Andre, We have brands SX and Ibanez in stock at the moment. The SX 4 string bass in on sale for R2800 and the Ibanez for R3900. Both include a bag, strap & cable. As for an amplifier, the smallest we have right now is a 60watt Ashdown for R4500 but we’ll be receiving smaller bass amps next week, starting from around R1900. Kind regards, Pieter

  2. Hello, Pieter,

    Ek is op soek na ‘n Fender Mustang PJ of Fender Standard Fretless. Ek is in CG Kerk in Parow.

  3. Hi Leon, the most similar model fretless bass available is the Player Series Jazz Bass (Mex made) fretless which sells for R15,000 (only available in white). Kind regards, Pieter

  4. Hi Pieter

    I’m looking to start recording vocals, but I’m in desperate need of a reflection filter. Do you have any available and mind attaching prices for me

  5. Good day, I am looking for a keyboard which is entry level that my daughter can practice on. She is learning how to play piano and she is in Grade 1.

  6. Hi, I would recommend the Medeli SP4200 digital piano. It has a great sound and excellent touch response. It has 88 full size weighted keys, 600 sounds and many rhythms with accompaniments. It sells for R10999 and is currently on sale for R8500. Kind regards, Pieter

  7. Hi Alisha, we stock violins priced from R1299 which is branded “Sonata”. We have other “Sonata” and “Prestige” models for R1999 and R2499, available in various sizes. Next up would be Sandner violins which start from R3000. There are a few Sandner models availbable in a higher price range.

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