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Hybrid U-DF UHF Wireless Microphone Handheld + Headset Cordless Mics

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Cordless Microphone – Handheld & Headset

The Hybrid U-DF B is a fixed channel, UHF, dual handheld + headset transmitter-receiver microphone system with excellent features. These include individual balanced line outputs as well as individual volume controls which make it ideal for most applications.
The U-DF B is available in three models, Dual Handheld, Handheld + Lapel and Handheld + Headset.

U-DF B Cordless Dual Handheld + Headset Microphone
Transmitter 1: Handheld, LCD Screen, Mute control
Transmitter 2: Belt pack with Headset, LCD Screen, Volume control, Mute control
Receiver: Single Antenna/Transmitter, LCD Screen, Individual volume controls, RF LED, AF LED
Transmitters PSU: 2 x 1.5V AA batteries/transmitter (Included)
Receiver PSU: External AC-DC Adapter (Included)
System Frequency Bandwidth: UHF, 863-865MHz – Fixed frequency
Outputs: Individual Balanced line XLR outputs, 1 x Unbalanced mix output (1/4″ Jack-Jack, 1m included)
Packaging: ABS moulded case