Brushes, Cloths, Mops, Pullthroughs & Snakes

he1410.jpgWool Mops (Zinc Coated Wire)

Alto Recorder (Code HE-1410)

Price R 30.00

Soprano Recorder (Code HE-1210)

Price R 26.00

Tenor Recorder (Code HE-1510)

Price R 50.00

he1710.jpgWool Mops (Plastic Coated Wire)

Bassoon (Code HE-1940)

Price R 425.00

Clarinet (Code HE-1710)

Price R 45.00

Flute (Code HE-1610)

Price R 125.00

Oboe (Code HE-1900)

Price R 225.00

Soprano Saxophone (Code HE-1960)

Price R 385.00

he2700.jpgSilk Mops (Plastic Coated Wire)

Clarinet (Code HE-2700)

Price R 60.00





he2720.jpgSilk Mops (Wooden Handle)

Clarinet (Code HE-2720)

Price R 95.00





he4000.jpgSynthetic Leather Pullthroughs (Natural Bristle Brush)

Alto Sax (Code HE-4000)

Price R 175.00

Tenor Sax (Code HE-4100)

Price R 185.00



he4200.jpgSynthetic Leather Pullthroughs

Baritone Sax (Code HE-4200)

Price R 345.00





he4300.jpgSynthetic Leather Pullthroughs

Clarinet (Small Rectangular) (Code HE-4300)

Price R 125.00

Clarinet (Large Triangular) (Code HE-4400)

Price R 180.00



he1945.jpgMicro Cloth Pullthroughs

Soprano Saxophone (Code HE-1945)

Price R 235.00





he4505.jpgMicro Cloth Pullthroughs (Round Brush)

Trombone (Code HE-4505)

Price R 195.00





he4250.jpgNeck Cleaner (Flexible Steel Spring with Two Mops)

Alto Saxophone (Code HE-4250)

Price R 210.00

Tenor Saxophone (Code HE-4260)

Price R 215.00



he8010.jpgSnake (Flexible Steel Spring with Two Mops)

Trumpet (Code HE-8010)

Price R 225.00





he3700.jpgMouthpiece Brushes (Plastic Coated Wire)

Trumpet (Code HE-3200)

Price R 24.00

Trombone (Code HE-3300)

Price R 25.00

Woodwind (20mm Diameter) (Code HE-3700)

Price R 40.00

Woodwind (30mm Diameter) (Code HE-3900)

Price R 55.00

he3017.jpgCleaning Cloths

High Quality Antistatic (Code HE-3010)

Price R 90.00

“No Haze” For Silver Instruments (Code HE-3016)

Price R 150.00

“No Haze” For Lacquered and Gold-plated Instruments (Code HE-3017)

Price R 190.00