Bassoon & Oboe Reeds

jn201.jpgBassoon Reeds

Traditional American Shape, The Finest Cane, Full Tonal Range.

28mm Scrape, 15mm Tip and 56mm overall length and 21 gauge wire.

Medium Soft, Medium or Medium Hard (Code JN-201MS Etc)

Price R 695.00


jn101e.jpgOboe Reeds (European Scrape)

Long Scrape, American Style Reeds, Finest Cane with Brass Staple, Excellent Response

7mm Tip, 10 mm Scrape, profile wound on on a 47mm brass tube for a 70mm overall length. A 26 gauge wire is added for the musician to adjust the tip opening to their satisfaction.

Medium Soft, Medium or Medium Hard (Code JN-101EMS Etc)

Price R 695.00